Monday, August 07, 2006

AC Schnitzer: Doing more with BMW bikes

The BMW F800S, after it's been given the AC Schnitzer treatment!

German tuning house, AC Schnitzer, have been at it again. And this time, the BMW F800S and the R1200S have been at the receiving end of their magic wand.

For the F800, there is new, sports-oriented suspension from WP, a more substantial fairing, a high-performance titanium exhaust system, and improved engine cooling, resulting in better power delivery.

The R1200S gets funkier and more track-oriented

The R1200S gets fully-adjustable WP suspension, a race-oriented titanium exhaust system, and lightweight forged wheels, which reduce unsprung weight and hence improve steering. An adjustable footrest system is also being developed, for better ergonomics on the racetrack as well as on the street.

That's an R1200R, given the Schnitzer treatment

For more info, visit AC Schnitzer here

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