Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fischer MRX 650: Born in the USA!

The Fischer MRX 650, an exotic for those who don't want a Honda CBR600RR, a Ducati 749 or a Triumph Daytona 675...

The Fischer MRX 650 is powered by a Hyosung 650cc, 77bhp, liquid-cooled V-twin, and it’s being called ‘the first American superbike!’ in the American press. I don’t know about the ‘first American superbike’ bit and Dan Fischer, the man responsible for building the bike, agrees. He says ‘I think ‘superbike’ is a misnomer used in the press for the MRX650. The Fischer MRX650, our first bike, does not fit under that description. This is a pure sportsbike for the street.’

US-based Gemini Technology Systems have worked on refining and tuning the Hyosung engine and they’ve also worked on the MRX’s chassis. The sharp, angular and very distinctive styling is the work of the well known British motorcycle designer, Glynn Kerr. Why would someone buy a Fischer MRX 650 over a Honda CBR600RR? Says Dan Fischer, ‘Looks are important, but outside of that, the handling and build quality are the most important attributes according to customer surveys in our target audience, which is the American sportbike enthusiast. So while we’ll be about 15 percent more expensive than a comparable Japanese product, we’ll have higher-end components usually only found on an Italian exotic or a factory superbike – at a much lower price.’

Finally, here’s the clincher – if the MRX 650 does well when it’s launched later this year, the company may think of doing a hotter, supercharged version next year!

Visit the Fischer website here and read an interview with Dan Fischer here

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sac said...

a hyosung-powered yank bike?? :D

and look at that 'angular' tank - it'll rip your guts open if you t-bone a soccer mom

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