Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo: Blow hard!

Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo
We love the Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo...!!!
Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo

Kawasaki’s most powerful motorcycle ever - the ZZR 1400 - packs 197bhp and sure, it's insane. But it still doesn't have a turbocharger, which the 1980s GPZ750 did! Oh, okay, given the added weight, cost and complexity, turbochargers on motorcycles aren’t probably worth the hassle. But then, a ‘factory turbo’ badge has to be worth a point or two down at the pub, swapping tales over a pint. Wind on the boost, and from stoplights, the mid-1980s GPZ Turbo will still leave your neighbour’s Porsche Cayenne for dead. This bike was, after all, the first production motorcycle ever to run the quarter mile (400m) in less than 11 seconds.
The bike featured digital fuel injection and was fitted with a Hitachi HT-10B turbocharger. Power output, in stock form, was 95bhp, but with a bit of fettling and tweaking, some tuners claim to be able to release more than 200bhp! Said Motorcyclist magazine, in October 1983, "The 750 Turbo is far more than the hottest. It's a milestone in motorcycling." Many will argue that the normally-aspirated GPZ 900R was the better machine, but come on, everyone should own at least one turbocharged motorcycle, at least once in their lives...

Yes, the GPZ750 Turbo was a bit special...
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