Saturday, August 19, 2006

KTM NitroDuke: The World's Fastest KTM!

Built by Salakazi Racing, the 272km/h NitroDuke is billed as the fastest KTM in the world!

The NitroDuke is powered by a 1995cc, supercharged V-twin, and does the 1/8th mile run in 4.36 seconds. It's built by a Finnish chap called Jaska Salakari, who, ahem, likes KTMs - which is probably why the NitroDuke has a smattering of KTM plastics and a few other bits.
Power output depends on the nitro:methane fuel ratio being used, but with 95 percent nitro and 5 percent methane, it makes an astounding 2000 horsepower! Should be enough to move the earth then. And when this bike is doing 200km/h, it drinks fuel at the rate of 1.1 litre per second, so just make sure you're carrying all your credit cards when you're riding it. Just in case you run out of fuel... :-)


UK Motorbike Blogs said...

Hi Blog Owner, are you SURE this report is correct. This bike has approx 2,000HP and does a Max speed of 272KPH. This just doesn't seem right. Do they/You mean Miles Per Hour (eg 272 MPH).

Otherwise the RC8 KTM is the fastest KTM with a top speed of 286.46KPH eg 178MPH

Anonymous said...

Well 272 km/h is after 201 meters....

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