Saturday, August 12, 2006

MotoCzysz C1: MotoGP replicas now available

Want a 200+bhp MotoGP bike on which you can live out your I'm-faster-than-Rossi fantasies? The Motoczysz is your machine...

If you love bikes, have US$100,000 lying around, and want an American-built MotoGP replica, MotoCzysz have you covered. While the Ducati Desmosedici RR only costs about US$65,000 the MotoCzysz 990 C1 racer replicas, only 50 of which are being built, are probably meant for even richer, even more discerning, and even faster customers… :-)

The non-street legal replica C1 shares a lot of bits with the factory race bike, including its carbonfibre chassis, front and rear suspension, and twin-crank, triple overhead cam, 990cc four-cylinder engine. With more than 200bhp on tap, the C1 replica should offer acceleration and top speeds (and of course, handling…) far beyond what a current Suzuki Hayabusa or a Kawasaki ZZR1400 can.

Unfortunately though, the MotoCzysz will not be homologated and will not be road legal. For that, wait for a cheaper, lower-spec production version. In the meanwhile, deliveries of the C1 replica are slated to begin in early 2007. For more details, go to

Imagine one of these being parked in your garage...

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