Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rickey Gadson sets new 1/8-mile record on a Kawasaki ZX-14

No, this isn't Gadson's pic, but I'll try and find one and post it soon...

During the recently held (at the Indianapolis Raceway Park) round six of the eight-event 2006 AMA Prostar season, drag racer Rickey Gadson set new 1/8-mile records in the Super Street class. The ‘Super Street’ class is for superbikes without wheelie bars and with a maximum wheelbase of 64 inches. (The swingarm can be extended, but the frame and bodywork must be kept stock.) And since nitrous and/or turbochargers aren’t allowed, the max power that bikes in this class usually have is around 300bhp.

Gadson’s new 1/8-mile record – an ET of 5.46 seconds at 224km/h – was set on his 2006, Coby Adams-prepared, Kawasaki ZX-14. Gadson ran a Pirelli Dragon SuperCorsa Pro 180/55-17 tyre at the back. For all those rocket-boy street-racers who’re panting to put 200-section rear tyres on their bike, the 180 is preferred by pro drag racers for the big bikes because they are about three quarters of a kilo lighter than the 190, and have a flatter profile once mounted on a 6.5-inch rim, providing a wider contact patch on the pavement...

I LOVE the Kawasaki ZX-14 and I've GOT to get one somehow!!!!!!!
And here's another Kawasaki I love - the mighty ZX-11. When Cycle World magazine first tested it fifteen years ago, they said 'it's like riding the blast wave of an endless explosion.' I've wanted one ever since... :-)

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