Thursday, September 21, 2006

2007 Aprilia Tuono R Factory unveiled!

The 2007 Aprilia Tuono R Factory - the best streetfighter in the world!

The existing Aprilia Tuono R is already one of the maddest streetfighter style bikes around – one that gives full-blown superbikes a run for their money. And things are going to get even better with the 2007 model. The 2007 Tuono R continues with the latest Aprilia RSV-R V-twin engine, which makes 139 horsepower. Carbonfibre is used for the bellypan, the mudguards and the side panels. The engine gets various magnesium bits, and there are OZ forged aluminium wheels for you to ogle at. The Tuono R Factory, the hardest of them all, gets a new paint scheme and Aprilia will make only 300 units, so get your orders in now!

Aprilia is also expected to launch a completely revamped RS125, which will borrow styling cues from the new Tuono R. With 39bhp from its single-cylinder two-stroke engine, and stiff, lightweight chassis, this could well be a giant-killer.

Finally, Aprilia is also set to return to world superbikes in 2008, with an all-new v4-engined RS1000. Apparently, the bike is being designed by Sergio Robbiano, who once served as apprentice to none other than Massimo Tamburini himself. In recent times, Robbiano has designed the Bimota DB5 and DB6 Delirio machines, which says a lot about what he’s capable of. With Piaggio cash to fuel new bike development, Aprilia is definitely on the move!

Update (27th October 2006): Aprilia are expected to unveil their all-new V4 superbike at the EICMA show in Milan on the 14th of November! The company will also shown all-new Tuono 750, powered by a DOHC, 8-valve, 100bhp v-twin. And for those who like their motorcycles in moderation, there could be a milder machine, powered by an 850cc, SOHC, 70bhp v-twin. This bike will, in all probability, be offered with an automatic gearbox!

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