Monday, September 04, 2006

2007 Buell XBRR: Bring it on!

It packs a 150bhp V-twin, and it'll blow your socks off!

While the Fischer MRX is being hailed as America’s first proper sportsbike, with its 77-horsepower, 647cc V-twin, it’s hardly a Hayabusa or a ZZR1400 beater. No, if you want an American bike that can dust those two Japanese heavyweights, you want the 2007 Buell XBRR. It isn’t road-legal of course, but weighing in at 164 kilos, and powered by a 1338cc, air and oil-cooled V-twin, which makes 150 horsepower at 8000rpm, it should certainly be capable of some serious performance!

Suspension is top quality Ohlins items (front and rear), and the chassis is all aluminum with Buell’s ‘Uniplanar powertrain vibration isolation system,’ which probably reduces vibes. Fuel is carried in the frame. At the front, Buell’s unique ‘Zero Torsional Load’ eight-piston Nissin disc brakes are used, which should make stoppies a cinch.

Overall, this should be one rocking Buell. Read's first ride report here

A Buell video shows what these bikes are capable of!

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