Friday, September 08, 2006

2007 Honda CBR600RR breaks cover!

Sharper, lighter, faster - the 2007 CBR600RR

Honda have unveiled the 2007 CBR600RR, and yes, it’s lighter and faster than ever. Thanks to reduced-weight components, the CBR600’s engine is now lighter and can rev all the way to 15,700rpm. It’s been revised to shorten the crankcase by about 30mm, which results in a more compact unit. The compression ratio has been bumped up to 12.2:1 and forged aluminum pistons are now shot-peened for greater durability. There’s a new knock sensor that maintains optimal spark advance and compensates for lower-octane fuel.

Honda claim 118bhp@13,500rpm for the new CBR600RR, which should put it in contention for the ‘top dog’ title in the forthcoming 2007 600s track scrap. Honda have also incorporated a new intake air control valve (IACV) in the airbox, which is said to smoothen throttle response. And while we’re not sure if the new CBR has a proper slipper clutch, there’s a new ‘no-lash’ transmission that helps reduce driveline lash between accelerating and slowing down repeatedly, at lower speeds.

In the chassis department, the wheelbase is shorter than last year’s model by about 22mm, though the swingarm is 5mm longer. The new chassis also uses just four die-cast sections instead of the 11 sections for the last year’s model. The bike is now fitted with an updated version of the CBR1000RR's electronic steering damper, to make sure it stays stable at higher speeds. Suspension and brakes remain unchanged (41mm USD fork at front, Unit Pro-Link at the back), but given Honda’s focus on weight reduction, the new bike is lighter than the ’06 CBR600RR by eight kilos.

Now that Honda have fired the first salvo, and Kawasaki have shown the 2007 ZX-6R Ninja, let's see what Suzuki and Yamaha do with their 600s…!

Styling is not hugely different from the 2006 model, but the white/blue graphics on the '07 model are a bit dubious...


sac said...

gah! looks like the CBR125R with a sniff of wannabe R6. :(

Anonymous said...


Keep those comments for yourself, anyways if you don’t like Hondas why r you commenting on them, ru a R6 Wannabe rider?

:) Looks cool and have nice new technology like the valve that allows the engine to breathe better when you close the throttle

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