Saturday, September 23, 2006

2007 Suzuki B-King: Production confirmed for Europe!

The 2007 Suzuki B-King packs a 200bhp, 1350cc inline-four!

In addition to the 2007 GSX-R1000, Suzuki also unveiled their 2007 B-King at the Paris Motor Show. The bike packs an all-new 1350cc inline-four, which is likely to make more than 200 horsepower, stock! This will make the B-King one of the fastest, most powerful naked bikes anywhere in the world, when it goes into production towards the end of 2007.

Suzuki have also updated their Bandit lineup for 2007 – styling has been revised and chassis and suspension have been reworked. The Bandit 1200 gets a capacity increase – it’s now the Bandit 1250 – and there’s also a smaller Bandit, the 650. Both naked and faired models will be available.

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Nilesh said...

Now new is good. Flashy is good as well. But if new is weirdly flashy? Somebody reign in Suzuki's creative horses just a wee bit please. I wouldnt want to be caught on this one! :D

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