Monday, September 04, 2006

Bikes vs Cars: One more round!

Which one would you have?

British bike mag TWO ran an interesting bikes vs cars feature in their September issue. Yes, many other magazines and TV channels have pitted supercars and superbikes against each other before, and the results are pretty much the same – bikes accelerate harder, cars brake and corner harder. In 0-100-0 timed runs, cars can have a problem with getting enough traction – excessive wheelspin may look spectacular, but you’re wasting time. With bikes, it’s not wheelspin, but the tendency to wheelie that can be a problem.

Anyway, in the TWO article, here are some 0-100-0mph (or 0-160-0km/h) times for different cars and bikes:

A1 GP racing car – 8.4 seconds

Bugatti Veyron – 9.9 seconds

Suzuki GSX-R1000 – 10.7 seconds

Porsche 911 Turbo – 12.50 seconds

Honda CBF1000F – 13.2 seconds

Nissan 350Z – 18.8 seconds

Since we all know the humungous difference in price between a Veyron and a GSX-R1000, I think we motorcyclists can afford to be just a wee bit smug, eh? And here's an absolutely brilliant video of a GSX-R1000 going head to head against a Westfield XTR4!

Also see: Aprilia Mille RSV1000R vs Ferrari 360 Modena!


Technocrat said...

How usefull are the 0-100-0 figures I mean a bike\car X could have better accelaration than bike\car Y but it might have poorer braking than bike\car Y which might give a higher timing for X than Y ?

Shaswata said...

great post take a look also at this article where a tuned Suzuki bike from kicks all the carS' ass including the GT3 and the tracky day special Radical SR3

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that 0.2 of a second around a race track is "kicking arse" :D lol You couldn't even visually see that sort of a difference if they crossed the line together.

The other thing you're forgetting is that the test was done on the Silverstone circuit for bikes, which includes an ultra tight chicane that cars find it hard to get round. Remove that chicane and the Radical would be faster.

Even from 0-100mph the bike was only 0.2 of a second quicker than the bike. That is, in actual fact, a smaller gap than a blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

Even if this part of the Silverstone circuit is used mainly for bikes I don't think the Radical SR3 was at a disadvantage because of one tight chicane, especially when it can produce 2.5g in downforce. The Radical should've made time in Copse corner(a high speed right hander) or any where else actually because of its huge wings and front/rear diffusers, it didn't...:D

Anonymous said...

And one thing people keep on forgetting is that the cars can ride the rumble strips hard where as the bikes have to tip toe around them..

which makes the bikes time even more impressive...

Anonymous said...

You should look at the Ultima GTR, which holds the world record for the 0-100-0 test... I believe it does it in under 7 sec....

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