Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jesse James' seven-cylinder, 2800cc, Aero Bike!

The engine has seven, 400cc cylinders, and makes 110bhp!

Bikes that are fitted with aircraft engines? Take this then, the latest from custom bike builder Jesse James. Sure, it looks outrageous, but there’s more to this bike than just the styling. It’s powered by an Australian-built, seven-cylinder, 2800cc, radial aircraft engine, which makes around 110 horsepower. We don’t suppose it would be as fast as the jet-engined MTT Y2K, but still, the Aero Bike shouldn’t be too bad for pottering around town. More on this machine on the Cycle World website.


Bram said...

What a fantastic motorcycle. I wish that a Japanese manufacturer would put a small version of this engine in a production bike. What about taking 7 cylinders of 10 cc, to produce a super smooth running 70cc engine? This is porn on wheels.

ben said...

anyone here notice that the BHP figure for this seems very very wrong?

110 hp for 2.8L is downright wrong. on a standard V6 you could screw maybe 400HP out of that without any major modifications..... on a radial engine it should be more.

LOL.... per 400cc cylinder it works out at only 15 horsepower.

i think they missed of a '0'... i reckon it's 1100 HP.

FnF said...

Yeah, well, we did check and the power output is indeed only 110bhp. Go figure...!

Anonymous said...

aircraft horsepower ratings are not like automotive hp ratings, its 110hp @ idle wot is a whole other ball game lol

Anonymous said...

How much torque does it produce. Not much BHP but if its got big torque it doesn't matter.

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