Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rocky Robinson and the ACK Attack do 547km/h

Twin Hayabusa engines, 900 horsepower, 547km/h...

Rocky Robinson has set a new motorcycle land speed world record. Riding his Team Top-1 ACK Attack streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats, he made an initial pass at 550.4km/h and a return pass of 544km/h, resulting in the new record (average) speed of 547km/h. The last record, which stood for 16 years, was set by Dave Campos in 1990 – at 515.2km/h.

During the Bonneville Speed Week this year, riders had a 17.6km course to work with, compared with only 8km last year. This provided an opportunity to mega-powerful machines like the ACK Attack, which incidentally is powered by twin Suzuki Hayabusa engines – producing a total of more than 900 horsepower, to really strut their stuff.

Here’s a list of who’s been going how fast (on two wheels) over the years:

1937 Ernst Henne BMW 500 274.494km/h

1951 William Herz NSU 500 289.681km/h

1955 Russell Wright Vincent 1000 297.728km/h

1956 Johnny Allen Triumph 650 311.778km/h

1956 William Herz NSU 500 338.992km/h

1956 Johnny Allen Triumph 650 345.426km/h

1962 Bill Johnson Triumph 650 361.410km/h

1966 Bob Leppan Triumph 650 395.362km/h

1970 Don Vesco Yamaha 350 405.425km/h

1970 Cal Rayborn Harley-Davidson 427.267km/h

1975 Don Vesco Yamaha 700 487.084km/h

1978 Don Vesco Kawasaki 1000 512.733km/h

1990 Dave Campos Harley-Davidson 518.450km/h

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