Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hyosung TrendKiller and GT650X shown at Intermot

The name is a bit silly (TrendKiller...?!), but the Hyosung cruiser looks rather good! Hope the Korean company puts it into production in 2007

Korean bike manufacturers, Hyosung are maturing fast and graduating to building bigger and better bikes. At the recent Intermot show in Germany, the company showed the TrendKiller, a stylish cruiser powered by Hyosung’s 650cc v-twin.

It may only be a 650cc engine, but that rear tyre is a 240-section Metzeler...

This one-off prototype was built by one of Hyosung’s German dealers and indeed, looks bespoke. The TrendKiller’s steel tube chassis, USD front fork, substantial-looking brakes, minimalist headlamp and 240-section rear Metzeler tyre really do make it stand out. Let’s see if Hyosung can put this one into production in 2007. And if they do, we hope they change the name!

The new Hyosung GT650X, a streetfighter-style machine

Hyosung also had their new GT650X on display at the Intermot. This bike is powered by their 650cc v-twin, which incidentally also powers the Fischer MRX, which is being billed as America’s first proper sportsbike!

A short video of Hyosung bikes at the Intermot 2006

Update (May 02, 2007): Hyosung are all set to launch a brand-new 450cc, single-cylinder Supermoto-style machine by the end of this year. Also, there’ll be new 1000cc v-twin cruiser, sport-tourer and sportsbikes from the Korean manufacturer this year!

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