Thursday, October 19, 2006

MZ and Sachs show new bikes at Intermot

The new MZ SMX is powered by a 1000cc v-twin and looks distinctive

Beleaguered German companies, MZ and Sachs aren’t ready to give up yet. At the recent Intermot show in Germany, MZ showed the new SMX, powered by a 1000cc V-twin. The SMX is based on MZ’s own 1000S, but for now, will be built in small numbers by a local dealer. The factory will take over production only if there is sufficient demand. For what it’s worth, the bike looks distinctive and just might find a niche of enthusiast buyers.

Sachs, who’ve officially gone bust (the company is currently in administration), also revealed a revamped XTC, which is now powered by a 125cc, DOHC, four-stroke, 15bhp single sourced from Italian company Franco Morini. Sachs also showed the revamped, dual-purpose X-road, powered by the same Morini engine.

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