Friday, October 27, 2006

Yamaha does not want to lead the way with Ohlins 2-Trac

If cars can have 4WD, why can't bikes have 2WD? Well, this Yamaha WR450 does!

Yamaha, who had tested the Ohlins 2-Trac (a 2WD system for bikes!) on their WR450 a few months ago, no longer want to lead the way with development, and are not expected to launch a 2WD sportsbike anytime in the near future. They had also tested the 2-Trac on an R1 and test riders reportedly put in some very fast laps on the 2WD machine (up to 3 - 4 seconds a lap quicker than the standard R1), but Yamaha, who actually own a 75% stake in Ohlins, still do not want to go ahead and develop the system further.

Ohlins are waiting for a motorcycle manufacturer who can take the 2-Trac system, develop it and put it on a production machine. And regardless of the fact that Yamaha own the company, Ohlins have the option of selling/leasing the technology to any bike manufacturer. We hope a European manufacturer - perhaps Aprilia, BMW or KTM - will see an opportunity here and step in. A 2WD KTM RC8 superbike, anyone?

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