Thursday, November 09, 2006

2007 Ducati 1098: First pics and details

As reported earlier, Ducati are ready with the new 1098 and what you see on top are the first official pictures from the Italian manufacturer. And here’s what you really want to know – the 1098 packs 160 horsepower, weighs 173kg dry gets a 998-style single-sided swingarm. Like the 2007 GSX-R1000, the new Ducati 1098 could possibly get some kind of traction control system, though details are not yet available.

For many potential buyers of the 1098, its styling could be an important factor. And while the bike (designed by an Italian - Gianadrea Fabbro) certainly looks very different from the 999, we aren't convinced it looks better. There are shades of the Honda Fireblade here. And the 999. And the 998. While the 999 was a bold, confident step ahead in the evolution of Ducati design, the same can't be said of the 1098. Ducati already have the Sport Classic range for retro fans, but a retro superbike...?

The 1098 will be available in three versions, with the base (standard) model being pegged at US$14,995 and the 1098S costing US$19,995. The top-of-the-line 1098S Tri-Colore will get a special red, white and green paint scheme, Ohlins suspension, lightweight alloys and and Termignoni high-performance exhaust system. It'll cost US$24,995.

Will the 1098 do much better than the 999? Will it revive Ducati's fortunes in the showroom and on the racetrack? Time will tell.

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