Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aprilia show new bikes at the EICMA in Milan

The all-new Aprilia NA 850 Mana features a fully automatic CVT-style transmission which can also be operated as a sequential-shift 7-speed gearbox!

Aprilia are going all out in Italy – they’ve unveiled the new NA 850 Mana and SL 750 Shiver bikes, and also their new V4 engine with which they will go racing in world superbikes in 2007.

The NA 850 Mana features a very innovative electronic transmission control, which can be configured to operate either as a fully automatic CVT system (you can choose from three different mappings – touring, sport and rain) or a sequential-shift seven-speed gearbox. The engine is an SOHC, 8-valve, 75 horsepower, 90-degree v-twin, while the chassis is tubular steel trellis frame, which is supposed to offer excellent torsional rigidity.

The new Aprilia Shiver packs an all-new 90-degree v-twin that makes 95 horsepower

The SL 750 Shiver gets ride-by-wire (like the 2007 Yamaha R1) and features Aprilia’s all-new DOHC, 90-degree v-twin engine that makes 95 horsepower. It’s a high-tech unit which uses a very sophisticated engine management system and has a CAN (Controlled Area Network) line to the instrument panel, which also acts as a diagnostic terminal. The CAN line uses just two wires to transmit all data, thereby simplifying the electrical system and helping reduce overall weight. The gearbox is a conventional six-speed unit, while the chassis is tubular steel trellis for a lightweight yet strong and stiff package. (Update, 23rd Jan., 2007: The latest news is that Aprilia will also offer a fully-faired version of the Shiver 750, and perhaps pitch it as an alternative to supersport Japanese 600s...)

Finally, Aprilia’s first four-cylinder engine – a V4 with which Aprilia will go racing in world superbikes next year – is extremely light and compact and makes more than 210 horsepower. Aprilia sure looks like the one company that’s going places in 2007!

The all-new Aprilia Atlantic is powered by Aprilia's new 400cc, liquid-cooled, 34bhp, single-cylinder engine. Looks like this could be the coolest machine ever for learners...

Update (26.02.2007): The latest word on the 750 Shiver is... (no, they're not changing the name!)... is that Aprilia will build an all-new sportsbike around it. The new bike will retain the Shiver's 95bhp v-twin, but will get a half fairing (a full fairing might be optional), uprated brakes, wheels and tyres and is likely to cost about US$12,000. While the name has not been finalised yet, it could be called the Aprilia Shiver S or the Aprilia Shiver R. Watch this space!

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