Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Get ready for the KTM RC8!

If you can see this in your rear-view mirror, something orange is going to fly past you soon...

KTM most definitely are on a roll. They have recently shown some awesome new bikes that are packed with power, performance, aggression and bad-boy attitude. And the best is yet to come. Yeah, we’re talking about the RC8 superbike, which KTM have been working on for the last two years.

Given the kind of off-road/dual-purpose machines that KTM have been building, the road-going RC8 (which will most likely be powered by a 990cc or a 1150cc V-twin, and pack more than 160 horsepower…) won’t upset any existing superbike hierarchies. No, it’ll just tear them up, pour some petrol on them and put them on fire. Yup, it’ll kick arse, good and proper. And now KTM have gone and put up a little website for this bike. Have a look at

The KTM RC8 should offer a radical new take on litre-class performance. Watch out, Japan and Italy!

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