Thursday, December 07, 2006

More details on the 2007 Honda RC212V

800cc, 150kg weight and 200+ horsepower. The Honda RC212V MotoGP bike is likely to be a fearsome machine, and with Dani Pedrosa riding it... watch out Rossi!

HRC’s Large Project Leader for the RC212V, Takanori Okuma san recently spoke at length about Honda’s 800cc MotoGP machine for 2007. He says, 'When we started development of the 800cc machine, we gave top priority to the pursuit of excellent handling and drivability. For the newly-reduced engine capacity of 800cc, we decided a V4 was the most efficient layout. Rather than focusing solely on top end power, we also concentrated on producing good power delivery characteristics, which can have a significant effect on lap times. Using enhanced control systems, the result is an engine with good drivability in the low and mid ranges, and excellent power under acceleration when the engine is at the top of its range.'

Moving on to speak about the RC212V’s chassis development, Okuma san said, 'We further enhanced the mass concentration package developed for the RC211V, to improve the agility and quick handling characteristics of the bike. The outward appearance is aggressive and appropriately innovative for a new generation of bike, affording both drivability and aerodynamic efficiency. We will continue to evolve the bike before the season opener and throughout next season.'

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Dani Pedrosa testing the Honda RC212V at the Motegi circuit in Japan. And he's very, very, very fast...!

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