Saturday, December 16, 2006

MotoGP-powered KRV5 Board-tracker replica!

That's a 990cc, V5, 200bhp MotoGP engine. And no front brakes!

US-based custom bike builder Rolands Sands has teamed with 500cc motorcycle grand prix racing star of the 1970s, Kenny Roberts, and created the KRV5 Tracker. And yes, the machine uses a 990cc, V5 MotoGP engine, which was used by Team Roberts in their racing bikes from 2002-2005!

Sands says the machine was built in homage to the board trackers raced on wooden tracks in the US many decades ago. Since MotoGP will have new 800cc engines from 2007 onwards, Kenny Roberts himself wanted to do something interesting, something ‘cool,’ with the old 990cc V5 powerplant. And the result has been the KRV5. You decide if it’s cool. And if you think it is, get the full story here

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