Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Phase Change Material: The next level in rider apparel development?

Blowing hot and cold? You need PCM jackets then. And you can buy 'em from BMW...

The textile technology department of the widely respected Indian Institute of Technology has announced that it has developed a new ‘phase change’ material, which may be used for making motorcycling jackets and trousers in the near future. PCM (phase change material) jackets will be able to absorb heat when it gets too hot, keeping the rider cool. And when it gets too cold, the jacket will be able to release stored heat, keeping the rider warm!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, BMW are already offering PCM clothing. Part of the 2007 BMW Motorrad rider equipment collection, BMW’s PhaseChange undersuit uses Schoeller PCM in its construction. This PCM consists of microcapsules of Paraffin that react to changes in the rider’s body temperature, as well as the ambient temperature. And by storing/releasing heat as described above, the material allows the rider to maintain a uniformly comfortable body temperature, regardless of weather conditions.

Prices for the two-piece PhaseChange suit are US$140 for the trousers and US$120 for the jacket. For more details, try going to

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Anant said...

What is the temperature range of the PCM jacket. How does it hold the PCM in it? Kindly let me know the details.

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