Saturday, November 25, 2006

WP electronic suspension now available for more bikes

WP's electronic suspension adjustment system allows you to twiddle a few knobs to make it stiffer or softer. Cool!

WP, the Netherlands-based suspension specialists have announced that their electronic suspension systems will now be available for other motorcycles apart from BMW machines.

Developed as the ESA – Electronic Suspension Adjustment – for various BMWs, the system allows riders to tailor suspension behaviour according to their riding style, road conditions and load being carried. The system allows for full adjustability of compression and rebound damping on the move, while preload can also be changed, albeit only when the bike is stationary.

WP are now engineering the same system for various other bikes as well, and we expect some Japanese and Italian manufacturers to start offering this electronic suspension adjustment system as an optional extra, on some of their high-end touring-oriented bikes next year. And going by what similar systems cost on BMWs, expect to pay about US$800 extra for adding WP’s electronic wizardry to your machine. This, surely, is the future of motorcycle suspension…

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Friday, November 24, 2006

New Old Blue: Ducati team up with NCR

That's the NCR Ducati Old Blue. Er.., ok, it's the New Blue

Ducati North America had commissioned NCR Racing to create a replica of the 1977 Daytona winning Ducati ‘Old Blue’ 750SS, which was raced in the mid-1970s by journalists Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling. The new Old Blue, which has been recreated to celebrate the old Old Blue’s landmark victory at Daytona, was shown at the recent EICMA show in Milan.

The 2007 Old Blue (New Blue…) is based on a Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000S, which NCR have worked on extensively. The result has been extensive weight reduction (down 38 kilos!) and a 30bhp power hike. With various carbonfibre, titanium and magnesium parts bringing kerb weight down to 150kg, and 116 horsepower from its 1100cc air-cooled v-twin, the Old Blue is no misty-eyed show-only replica – it’s serious stuff.

Slipper clutch, six-speed transmission, blue-and-silver paint scheme, Zard exhaust, upgraded suspension, steel tubular trellis chassis and manufacturing technologies borrowed from F1 and aerospace industries are all part of the New Blue package. And the bike will also carry a titanium plate bearing the signatures of Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling.

NCR will build a limited number of these bikes, all of which will be for track use only, for the American market.

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Massimo Tamburini designs new Husqvarna STR 650 CC

Styling by Massimo Tamburini, handling by Husqvarna

Unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan, the new Husqvarna STR 650 CC supermoto looks quite capable. The styling has been penned by Massimo Tamburini himself, and the 132-kilo bike is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 650cc engine.

There’s a 50mm USD fork up front, while the progressive monoshock rear features a new eccentric system which allows continuous spring preload and rebound / compression damping adjustment. The Husqvarna STR 650 CC sure should be a blast on winding mountain roads then…

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