Monday, February 12, 2007

Custom Streetfighter: The Mad Jack

Each bike will be numbered and signed. Er..., well... :-)

The Saxon Motorcycle Company has unveiled a prototype of their ‘aggressive new v-twin streetfighter,’ called the Mad Jack. The bike was shown at the recent V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, in the US, and has been designed by one Gard Hollinger of L.A. County Choprods.

Saxon say that they partnered with Gard to “create a bike that would look like no other production motorcycle and be incredibly fun to ride.” And while we think the bike’s aesthetics are dubious at best, the builders say that “it is a true statement in modern motorcycle design.” Ah, well, each Mad Jack will be numbered and signed (by whom?) and the bike is expected to go into production in a couple of months. Go to the company website for more details.

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1 comment:

cobrar00 said...

inverted forks and a 2 into 1 exhaust hardly makes that a streetfighter! Thats like putting a springer on a speed triple and calling it a chopper! What a mockery... It doesn't even look good WHATEVER it is!