Friday, February 09, 2007

“GSX-Rs are for moped riders…”

He'll accelerate to almost 400km/h in less than six seconds...

“GSX-Rs are for moped riders. My bike will run the quarter mile in 5.809 seconds, crossing the line at 392km/h. It pulls 3G in acceleration – the same as a space shuttle. Some guys black out. It’ll drain blood from your head fast enough to make you faint.”

If you think MotoGP riders are tough (which of course they are…), meet Larry McBride, multi-time motorcycle drag racing champion from the US. His Top Fuel Dragster is powered by a supercharged 1400cc inline-four that makes more than 1200 horsepower. That power is transferred to the rear tyre – a 31-inch slick – via a two-speed gearbox, the bike weighs about 450 kilos, and talking to Performance Bikes magazine, McBride said that “A modern performance bike feels like a restricted moped compared to this.” Which isn’t surprising when you consider that while McBride’s Dragster weighs about twice as much as most litre-class superbikes, it’s also seven times as powerful. Cool!

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