Monday, March 05, 2007

American Borders: A Motorcycle Misadventures Journey

If you think you're tough, try going around the US on a Russian-made Ural, with a sidecar attached to it. Otherwise, just read Carla King's story...

Suppose, for a minute, that you were going to ride around the United States of America, and that you were going to do it alone. What bike would you choose? A Honda Goldwing? A BMW K1200LT? Perhaps a Yamaha Fazer or a Honda VFR800? Well, Carla King chose to do it on a Russian-made Ural. With a sidecar attached to the bike. She did go on to complete this epic ride of hers, and American Borders is her account of what happened along the way.

Says Carla, ‘My proposed route hugged the edges of the Continental United States, on back roads following the coastlines and weaving in and out of Canada and Mexico. It was a long trip – up to ten thousand miles – with a loose estimated time frame that could extend anywhere from three to six months. With that kind of timeline, I didn’t care that the Ural’s top speed 65mph downhill with the wind at my back. I planned a back-roads trip and I didn’t want to be rushed…’

We suppose it would take uncommon courage and fortitude to embark upon a 10,000-mile ride on a Russian-made motorcycle-sidecar combo, knowing that things would not go smoothly and that the bike could, and would, break down unexpectedly. As the story unfolds, the Ural does break down regularly all over America and yet the feisty Carla takes it all in her stride. The way she handles herself in every situation, the people she meets along the way and the small-town America she experiences – all of these combine to make a great, heartwarming story.

Like us, if you keep dreaming about setting out on that really long ride on your motorcycle someday, American Borders could well provide the inspiration you’ve been looking for...

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