Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Buell to do trackdays, enter off-road bikes market

Buell plan to do trackdays in the US and allow people to experience their bikes

Buell have just launched what they’re calling the ‘Inside Pass,’ essentially a trackday program which will allow American riders to experience some of the best racing circuits in the US. All motorcycle riders can participate (including those who do not own a Buell...), and they will also have the opportunity to test ride some of the newest Buell bikes on the track. More details on the Buell website.

On a different note, the innovative American company is also planning to launch an off-road motorcycle, which would be a closed-course competition model. But don’t rush off to your local Buell dealership just yet – this new machine is still about two years away from hitting showrooms...

Buell babes
Buell babes

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