Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dainese’s RDRS data-logging system for motorcyclists

Here's one rider who definitely needs a lap timer for his home-office-home commute...

Always wanted to time yourself commuting from home to office on your ZZR1400, and compare it with your mate’s time on his Hayabusa? But of course. So Dainese, manufacturers of top-quality rider apparel, will soon launch a data-logging system for riders which will let you prove, conclusively, that you’re the fastest man in your neighbourhood.

Called the ‘Rider Dynamics Data Recording System’ (RDRS), Dainese’s little gizmo uses GPS technology and will allow riders to deeply analyse things like braking points, corner entry and exit speeds, acceleration and so on – all so that you can see where you’re losing speed. And so that the next time you go out, you’re that 0.014 seconds quicker than your mate.

And if you’re scared of crashing, you’d be happy to know that Dainese are also working on an airbag system for motorcycle riders. Research and development work is still on for this one, but once it’s ready, the airbag triggering mechanism will be able to differentiate between ‘normal’ rider movement, and the (presumably) more sudden and violent actions which may indicate an impending crash. If Dainese get it right, we may finally be able to crash in peace, without fear of broken limbs and mangled bodies…

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