Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The V-Rex: Sometimes, dreams do come true...

Should be just the thing for tootling down to the supermarket for a six-pack of beer...

Back in December 2003, Aussie designer Tim Cameron made a sketch of his dream cruiser and then made a 3D computer rendering of the bike. US-based Christian Travert, who had worked on the Y2K jet bike earlier, took it up from there and decided to actually build the bike. And it wasn’t just about building a one-off show bike – Christian wanted to put the bike into regular production.

Since then, Christian has set up Travertson Inc., in Fort Lauderdale in the US – a full-fledged factory where Cameron’s dream cruiser (now called the V-Rex) – would be made. And while the machine retains the far-out styling which Cameron dreamt up, it’s a fully functional real-world motorcycle. Guess dreams do come true sometimes!

For more details, go to the Travertson website

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