Thursday, March 29, 2007

V-Roehr 1130: All-American superbike coming soon

No, not an Italian superbike. It's the all-American V-Roehr 1130

Some time ago, we had reported on the Fischer MRX which was being touted as the first American sportsbike. Now we have Roehr Motorcycles’ V-Roehr 1130, which the company says is ‘a new generation of American motorcycle.’

Shades of the erstwhile Ducati 999...?

For Roehr Motorcycles, the design goal was to produce the fastest, most powerful, and finest handling machine, using the best American engine available. The result is the V-Roehr 1130. It’s powered by a 1130cc, DOHC, v-twin (provided by Harley-Davidson) that makes 120 horsepower. And for those who want to take on R1s and GSX-Rs, Roehr say there’ll be engine kits available that boost power all the way up to 180bhp.

With an engine kit, it'll make 180 horsepower, so don't smirk just yet

The bike has a five-speed transmission, and in keeping with the sporty nature of the machine, final drive is by chain. The beam frame chassis is made of Chrome-Moly steel and aluminum composite, and is said to light and stiff. The bike is fitted with suspension components from Ohlins, brakes are by Brembo, wheels from Marchesini, and the bodywork is made of carbonfibre.

The bike will be priced at US$40,000 and production of the first 50 units is scheduled to begin in 2008. Visit the company website for more details.

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