Friday, March 02, 2007

Valentino Rossi: “Capirossi has impressed me many times…”

Rossi has won all those MotoGP world championships, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that Capirossi is also a brilliant racer...

Here at Faster and Faster, the supremely talented Valentino Rossi and the fast, feisty Loris Capirossi are two of our most favourite riders in MotoGP. Both have been slugging it out on racetracks around the world for years, and though it’s Rossi who’s won all the MotoGP world championships over the last few years, that doesn’t take away anything from the fact that Capirossi is a brilliant rider – one of the few who have the talent to face a full-on Rossi onslaught.

So what does Valentino Rossi himself have to say about Capirossi? Speaking to BIKE magazine (our all-time no.1 favourite motorcycle mag…) a few months ago, Rossi said “I think I’m very good at understanding when another rider is fast and there have been a few times when another rider has impressed me. I suppose Capirossi has impressed me many times.”

Going on to describe one of his many battles with Capirossi in their 250cc class days, Rossi says “Maybe the most impressive was Capirossi at Assen in 1999. Usually another rider impresses you when you are in good shape, with a good bike, and he’s still able to beat you. That day I was very fast but Capirossi was faster than me – he was in fantastic shape.”

Of all the races where the two have gone head to head against each other, why does Rossi remember the 1999 250cc race in Holland? Rossi says, “Capirossi amazed me at the last chicane. What he did that day was impossible. That race wasn’t a race, it was a battle. That sometimes happens – you stop with the right lines and just fight – like remove one chip from your brain and put in another.”

Ah, well, with both riders being at the top of their game right now, let’s see how the Rossi/Capirossi rivalry shapes up in 2007. Bring ’em on..!

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