Saturday, April 21, 2007

Allen Millyard’s 2300cc, V12 Kawasaki

You think the ZZR1400 is good? Millyard built this 2300cc, V12 Kawasaki in his backyard...

Remember the six-cylinder Kawasaki KZ1300 from the late-1970s? The brutish, 120 horsepower motorcycle weighed an almighty 322kg, did the quarter mile in 11.96 seconds, and was capable of hitting a top speed of 225km/h. Enough for you? It wasn’t, for Allen Millyard, a nuclear research engineer by profession.

So what did Mr Millyard do? Why, he built his own bike of course – a 12-cylinder Kawasaki KZ2300. While his hand-built machine looks stock, it’s actually considerably bigger and the V12 engine is comprised of two complete KZ1300 cylinder blocks.

The KZ1300's six-cylinder engine made 120bhp, so in theory at least, this one should have close to 240 horsepower...

This V12 Kawasaki isn’t the only bike that Millyard has made. He’s also made various two-, four-, five-, six-, and even eight-cylinder bikes. It’s a good thing that he’s a masterful genius with engines, because his creations – and especially the V12 – required massive reworking of engine internals, many special components and countless hours of sheer hard work.

Get Motorcyclist magazine’s riding impression of Millyard’s V12 Kawasaki here.

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