Friday, April 13, 2007

KTM 3B7801X Bikini Racing Flower R busts out!

Here's one woman who likes KTMs. Which one? Find out below... :-))

We are big KTM fans here at Faster and Faster. KTM motorcycles, most certainly, rock. And it's not just wheelies, stoppies, and other testosterone-fuelled fun - KTM also have a lesser-known side that's more caring, sensitive and female-friendly. Don't believe us? Have a look at the KTM below, then. It's the 3B7801X Bikini Racing Flower R, part of the official KTM catalog. And the company insists that we tell you that the pic has been shot by one Mitterbauer H. Never a dull moment, eh...

The KTM 3B7801X Bikini Racing Flower R. Get one for your girlfriend now!

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