Friday, April 20, 2007

John Hopkins: ‘I think I’m a better rider than Nicky Hayden’

Forget Rossi, maybe Hayden should be more worried about John Hopkins coming after him...

While speaking to RoadRacerX magazine recently, Rizla Suzuki’s MotoGP rider John Hopkins made some interesting remarks. When asked about what he thought his championship chances were, Hopkins said, “In my mind, I feel that it’s possible. This season, I never want to finish further down than fourth place. I would definitely not be here if I could not win the world championship.”

Hopkins is good, but there are also other reasons why we appreciate Rizla Suzuki

Then, when asked about he thought of some of the other riders, Hopkins said, “The fact that Nicky Hayden won the world championship last year – that’s really motivated me.” And why is that, John? He says, “I guess it’s simple. I think I can plain-out beat him. I think I’m a better rider. I’m not being cocky or rude, but that’s how every racer has to be. I would hope every racer feels that way about me.” We’re sure they do, and one Mr Hayden especially so…

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