Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Kentucky Kid: "I'm not giving up by any means!"

It's not over until it's over...

It seems Nicky ‘The Kentucky Kid’ Hayden can do no right. Despite winning the 2006 MotoGP crown, Hayden doesn’t seem to have much support from MotoGP fans (except for a select band of people in the US…), and even HRC themselves seem to favour Dani Pedrosa over the Kentucky Kid!

Nicky Hayden recently spoke to American bike magazine Cycle World, where he admitted that he hasn't had a very good start to the 2007 season, and that “I feel bad for my team and my family who stand behind me, and my friends and fans who root for me.”

It also seems that Hayden still isn’t very comfortable with this year’s 800cc MotoGP bikes, saying that “I'm still trying to gain understanding about how to get the most out of the 800. They don't have the power to get in deep, square off corners and fire it out. You really have to keep the bike rolling through corners – high corner speed is a must. I wish it had some more grunt off the bottom to get me out of the corners, but right now my Honda is tuned to get the most top-end power out of it.”

Still, don’t count the Kentucky Kid out just yet. As he says, “I've been down before with circumstances looking grim and came back. It's a long season with only two races down, and 16 more to go. Anything can happen. I'm not giving up by any means.” Bravo!

See the full interview on the Cycle World website here.

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