Saturday, April 21, 2007

Radical Radial: JRL Cycles’ funky new Chopper

The Radial Chopper. A normal motorcycle, with the usual seven-cylinder, 2800cc aircraft engine...

Back in September last year, we had reported on Jesse James' Aero Bike. This spectacular machine was fitted with a 2800cc, seven-cylinder, 110bhp radial aircraft engine.

Now, John Levey and Mike Wherle have gone down the same route and using the same engine – an Australian-sourced Rotec R2800 – built their Radial Chopper. But they aren’t stopping at this – their outfit, JRL Cycles, is already working on plans for nine-cylinder radial-engined trike.

More on JRL Cycles and their Radial Chopper on the Motorcycle-USA website.

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A video of the JRL bike...

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