Friday, May 04, 2007

Across the US on mopeds…

Fancy riding across the US on something like this?

Champlain College students Nick Girard and Kevin Corkrum will soon be graduating. But they won’t be getting nine-to-five jobs anytime soon. Instead, the two, who are moped enthusiasts (er, well…), are going to ride across the United States of America. On their mopeds, of course. The team also has a third member – Tom Sands – who’ll be handling photography.

‘We're going to take our time and experience America in a way that most people don't,’ says Girard. ‘There's a big underground culture of mopeds,’ he adds, and says that part of their goal is to show just how fuel efficient mopeds are. ‘If we wanted to take just a normal road trip, we'd just jump in my car,’ says Corkrum.

You can follow this rather unique adventure on their website here.

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