Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bike magazine readers: “Carl Fogarty is an idiot!”

Once hero, now zero. The shame...

Multi-time World Superbikes champ, Carl Fogarty has been voted as one of the biggest idiots in motorcycling, by the readers of Bike magazine. Carl, who’ll be handling MV Agusta’s racing efforts in World Superbikes in 2008, is known to sometimes ‘have his head up his arse.’ That’s how an ex-editor of a prominent UK-based motorcycling magazine once described him…

Coming back to Bike magazine’s Biggest Idiots, one reader says, ‘My joint vote goes to Carl Fogarty and his ego. Foggy was my hero when he was battling at the TT, and then on the Ducati in World Superbikes, but what’s happened since then?’ What, indeed. Another reader adds, ‘Carl Fogarty should have slipped away quietly after he stopped racing. He said he was going to be the saviour of WSB. Utter rubbish. He was an embarrassment!’

And here are some other reader nominations for the Biggest Idiots in motorcycling:

‘The wankers who don’t slow down for 30mph limits. Don’t these people understand that they are slowly killing the thing they love most – biking? Slow down, and the non-biking zealots will leave us alone to speed on the open roads.’

‘The bad sportsbike riders. Those who hug rear bumpers before overtaking, or overtake on blind bends, causing others to brake hard or swerve. No wonder bikers get a bad name.’

‘Those gobshites who ride bikes like Kawasaki ZX-10Rs, but really poorly. Slow in bends, 170mph on the dual carriageway, wheelies through rush hour traffic, stoppies next to soccer moms in their gas-guzzling SUVs…’

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