Friday, May 04, 2007

Blast from the past: Silver Dream Racer

Silver Dream Racer. Corn and cheese...

We recently got our hands on a DVD of the Silver Dream Racer. Directed by David Wickes and starring David Essex (apparently, a pop star in the 1980s…) in the role of a small-time motorcycle racer with big ambitions, this early-1980s British movie features some rubbish acting, a corny plot and lots of cheesy melodrama. But because it revolves around motorcycle racing, we like the movie anyway.

Here's a clip from the movie, showing the Silver Dream Racer in action!

The story is about one Nick Freeman (played by Mr Essex) who makes do with beat-up racebikes and small budgets until one day, when he’s handed a brand-new one-off racebike prototype by his brother’s widow. Our man then goes out, finds a new girlfriend, gets the funding to run his new bike, goes on to race at Silverstone, and ends up winning. Soppy stuff, but if you love bikes and if you’re old enough to remember Barry Sheene, you may want to rent the DVD

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