Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Christini's AWD system: The future of off-road bikes?

Always wanted a two-wheeled SUV? This is it...

For some time now, manufacturers have toyed with the idea of building all-wheel-drive (AWD) bikes, where power is delivered to both the wheels. Yamaha experimented with such bikes, and KTM are reported to be developing their own AWD off-roader.

Power is transferred to the front wheel via chains and shafts. No power-sapping hydraulics here

In the meanwhile, a smaller outfit, Christini have patented a mechanical AWD system for bikes. Unlike hydraulic systems tested by other manufactures, Christini’s AWD delivers power to the front wheel through a series of chains and shafts. When the bike’s rear wheel loses traction, Christini’s AWD system engages immediately, and transfers power to the front wheel until the rear wheel grips again. For optimum conditions, where traction is not an issue, the Christini AWD front hub is equipped with one-way clutches, which allow the front to freewheel.

Video shows the Christini AWD system in action

In addition to added traction, the main benefit of the Christini AWD system is better high-speed cornering. With a driven front wheel, the tendency to ‘wash out’ and ‘tuck in’ is greatly reduced, allowing the bike to be ridden harder, faster and with more confidence.

Or you could go with only one wheel drive, but two engines...

More details on the Christini website here.

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