Monday, May 14, 2007

Dainese invite European customers to test their new helmet’s communication system

The Dainese Airstream Infinity helmet lets you do the talking

Dainese are giving their customers an opportunity to get involved in the testing of the company’s new range of helmets – the Airstream Course Infinity. Customers who buy Infinity helmets from the Dainese website will be able to test the helmets’ communication system, which allows riders travelling in a group to hold a conversation on the move.

The communication system combines a Bluetooth 2.0 interface with a miniature radio device, and allows conversation between motorcyclists who are up to 400m away from each other.

"What..?!? You really heard him say that ?!?"

Up to three people can talk at one time, while an almost unlimited number of people can listen. A total of about 800 units of the Airstream Course Infinity will be sold in the UK, Spain, Germany and France, and buyers will be able to post their comments on the efficiency of the new communication system and offer suggestions for improvement.

Those who participate in this beta test project will get a Motorola V3xx mobile phone, courtesy of Dainese.

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