Monday, May 14, 2007

Dorna to quantify MotoGP TV exposure value for sponsors and advertisers!

Careful there, Loris. They're not only watching you, they're watching every single logo on your bike, helmet and leathers...

Dorna Sports, exclusive holders of the MotoGP World Championship’s commercial and television rights, have teamed up with Applied Image Recognition Ltd., to work towards measuring and quantifying television exposure for advertising and sponsorship partners.

For this, Dorna will use the Magellan System, an image recognition software developed by Omniperception and distributed worldwide by Applied Recognition Limited. The Magellan System, claim its developers, ‘sets the global standard for brand logo exposure analysis and reporting.’ Whatever that means.

Why is all of this happening? It’s being said that ‘Dorna Sports’ use of Magellan for MotoGP will give their sponsors higher levels of accuracy in brand exposure assessment during televised races.’ Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO, Dorna Sports, says, ‘OmniPerception's Magellan System allows us to improve the accuracy of our reporting on the data we produce, to demonstrate to each of our partners the levels of exposure and return on interest they receive as a result of their presence in MotoGP.’ Wonderful, if this means more big-ticket sponsors getting into MotoGP!

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