Friday, May 11, 2007

Motorcycle-USA’s 2007 Superbike Smackdown

Motorcycle-USA, our all-time favourite motorcycle website, has just done a shootout between the four litre-class Japanese superbikes and it’s an absolute riot. Brilliant stuff!

What do they have to say about the bikes? Starting with the Kawasaki ZX-10R, they say that ‘The once mighty monster of the group has had a good run and continues to prove it is an excellent choice for everything but a platform at the highest level of competitive racing. There's no doubt that it feels like the fastest bike here but the Ninja lacks a few key elements on the track including the brakes and this makes it a real workout to ride it fast.’

The Ninja is having to fight hard this time. Very hard...

About the Yamaha R1, Motorcycle-USA says, ‘The amount of technology that has been poured into the R1 is staggering but as we witnessed first hand, sometimes too much technology can be difficult to dial in on the first try. The anemic mid-range, third-heaviest weight and disappointing throttle lag forced it into the role of cellar dweller…’

Packed with hi-tech, but can the R1 deliver results to match?

Moving on to the Honda CBR1000RR, they say that ‘This is a bike tailor made for street riders and is just a slipper clutch and a few HRC kit parts away from being capable of taking on all comers, be it street or the track. With the CBR, you get the muscle of a big bike with the agility of a middleweight.’

Smooth, powerful and fast - just what you'd expect from Honda

And finally on to the Suzuki GSX-R1000, about which they say that ‘The combination of a ridiculous amount of power and an ultra-smooth delivery keeps the GSX-R at the top of the food chain once again in the battle for track supremacy. The CBR and ZX gave it a run for its money on the street, but in the end there is just something about the Suzuki that gives it an edge at the track.’

Can the 2007 Gixxer hold on to its crown?

Go to the Motorcycle-USA website for the full story. It’s just brilliant!

And here's M-USA's 2007 Superbike Smackdown video!

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