Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quiet please: Put a lid on this...

Exhaust noise and wind roar can damage your hearing permanently

We all know that too much noise – including wind noise – is bad for our ears. Helmets, of course, offer some protection from noise, as do earplugs which some riders use. But we recently saw an article in Bike magazine which scared us a bit – it says that riding fast without earplugs definitely damages our hearing, and ultimately, can make us go deaf.

But what’s more, the article goes on to explain that even using earplugs may not necessarily save our hearing. It says, ‘Earplugs give some protection, but a lot of what you’re hearing isn’t arriving via your ear canal. It’s being transmitted through your skull. Essentially, a helmet is a very noisy device attached to your head, so part of the potential damage comes from direct vibration of the cochlea.’

At least one Dr Michael Carley, at the Bath University in the UK, is trying to do something about saving bikers’ hearing. He is heading a research project aimed at making motorcycle helmets quieter. But for this, he needs your help – he needs you to complete an online survey, which relates riding patterns to hearing damage. You can complete the survey here.

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