Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rossi and Edwards prepare for Le Mans

"I don't care what you have to do, Jeremy! We have to win in France...!!"

After failing to overcome the Ducati-Stoner combo in China last week, the Fiat Yamaha Team is now preparing for the Grand Prix of France, which will take place at Le Mans in a week from now.

Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha broke down at the 2006 French MotoGP, but the feisty Italian would certainly be looking for a podium position – if not an outright win – this year. If he does get on the podium, it’ll be Rossi’s 95th podium finish, equaling Mick Doohan’s record.

Says Rossi, “I definitely have a score to settle at Le Mans after what happened last year, when I should have won the race! Anyway, everything is different now and I'm very determined and looking forward to this next race. I'm very happy to go back to Europe and this next run of races is over some of my favourite tracks, where I know I'm always strong. It's a very busy time with seven races in just over two months, but it's also a key part of the championship and I'm ready to race at hundred percent.”

Expect Edwards to go all out at Le Mans

What about his Yamaha’s top speed deficit, compared to Stoner’s Ducati? Says Rossi, “I think our bike is very, very good and although we lack a little bit of top speed, this won't be such a problem at the next few circuits as it was in China. I think we're in good shape.”

Rossi’s teammate, Colin Edwards also agrees, saying that “I honestly believe our bike is the best one out there and now I just want to get to Le Mans and prove it! We know we go well there, so I'm really hoping I can get back on the podium. Le Mans is home ground for Michelin and we've done a lot of testing there over the last couple of years, which will hopefully help.” Looks like Stoner and Co. may have a tough fight on their hands in France then...

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