Saturday, May 12, 2007

Scoop Pics: 2017 Ducati MotoGP bikes!

These are the MotoGP machines Ducati are going to be racing in the year 2017...! Bayliss, by the way, is also testing special footwear developed for riding these high-performance bikes

Ducati are already developing the bikes they’ll be racing in MotoGP in the year 2017. These lean, slim, energy-efficient racers feature an ultra-stiff chassis made of balsa wood, lightweight titanium-spoke Campagnolo wheels, sticky Pirelli tyres and a 20-speed transmission.

There is no internal combustion engine powering these Ducati MotoGP bikes – the rider provides all the motive power. Ducati test rider Troy Bayliss has already posted some pretty impressive lap times – worryingly close to those turned in by current 800cc MotoGP machines on most circuits!

A Ducati test rider takes some time off from work...

Like with the 990cc Desmosedici RR, Ducati are also planning street-going replicas of their human-powered MotoGP bikes. These should be in showrooms within the next decade, and prices are expected to be pegged at around the US$20,000 mark.

Scary, eh? Thank heavens then that it’s all so much BS… :-)

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