Thursday, June 28, 2007

2008 Suzuki Hayabusa: First pics, video and details

In all its 197bhp glory, the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa!

So this is it – here are the first photographs of the much-awaited 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa. Those who were expecting a radically styled new ’Busa might be slightly disappointed – the new Hayabusa looks like a mild evolution of the old one. And not a very pretty one at that.

The engine, as we reported earlier, is shared with the Suzuki B-King. The 1340cc inline-four (up from 1299cc on the old Hayabusa) has a higher compression ratio (12.5:1, up from 11.0:1), titanium valves, chrome-moly con-rods, and updated fuel injection. Suzuki claim a 12 percent boost in performance - a claimed 197 horsepower at the crank! Top speed is not likely to be more than 300km/h, though the new Hayabusa, which weighs 220kg, may accelerate harder than the Kawasaki ZZR1400.

Like the GSX-R1000, the new Hayabusa also gets a three-way drive mode selector switch, which should make riding the bike easier in wet weather conditions. Then there's the revised twin-spar aluminum frame, a more rigid swingarm, stronger rear subframe, fully-adjustable suspension, and radial-mount four-piston Tokico front brake calipers. Suggested retail price is US$11,999.

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