Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bargain bike: MotoGP Ducati for less than US$100!

Get this RC Ducati from Nikko and live out your MotoGP fantasies on a budget... :-)

So you have your heart set on Loris Capirossi’s Ducati, but don’t have the money to put down a deposit for the Desmosedici RR? No worries. For less than US$100, you can get a remote controlled 1/5th scale model of the bike from Nikko.

Nikko say that with their Ducati, “you will hug corners and come out of them with power like you've always dreamed of. Open full throttle as you make your way to the checkered flag and victory!” Err…, well. Anyway, the bikes behave quite realistically, with a rider that actually hangs off for high speed turns, functioning front and rear suspension, an electric braking system and even a ‘turbo boost’ feature for bursts of speed and acceleration! The bike’s ‘engine’ is a rechargeable 9.6V Ni-Cd battery pack.

Get more details on the Nikko website here.

Women in Ducati bikinis will adore you and your Nikko Ducati

An awesome Ducati 1098 promo video

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