Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beringer Brakes: New system will allow harder, safer braking

The new Beringer braking system will bring peace of mind. Unlike Chris Vermeulen, you won't have to hop off your bike at 200km/h to check the brakes...

French company, Beringer have developed a new braking system that allows riders to brake later and harder, with reduced risk of loss of control. Beringer’s system uses a series of valves and hoses, which connect the front brake to an Ohlins rear shock and prevent the rear wheel from lifting on heavy front brake application.

The system works by using a valve at the bottom of the rear shock absorber, which opens when the shock is at full extension. This draws brake fluid back from the brakes, reducing braking pressure and ‘settling’ the bike. When the rear end is stable, full braking power is restored.

The system can be tuned for road or race usage, and the valve will operate accordingly. Riders can adjust the sensitivity of the system via a remote air canister mounted on the swingarm, and tune it according to their own riding styles. This new Beringer braking system will go on sale next year, and price is expected to be about US$650.

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