Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chris Pfeiffer wins TT Freestyle Championship

Chris Pfeiffer gets it up for the ladies in the audience...

Stunt riding maestro, and current European Stunt Riding champ Chris Pfeiffer has won the TT Freestyle Championship, which was a part of the centenary celebrations at the 100th Isle of Man TT races. The 37 year old from Halblech, Germany, performed on his BMW F800 at the Douglas Promenade on the IoM, with more than 10,000 spectators in attendance.

Though he was up against some of the world’s top freestyle stunt riders – including Humberto Ribeiro from Portugal, Zoltan Angyal from Hungary, and Matti Tepsa from Sweden – Pfeiffer managed to hold his own, and won the TT Freestyle Trophy after three days of some hard riding. Says Pfeiffer, ‘The weather on Sunday was very wet, which made things extremely slippery. I was a bit worried, as I hadn't been riding my F800 much, because I have been doing lots of off-road preparation for Erzberg. However, in the wet, slippery conditions I felt completely at home, so this probably helped me in the end!’

Pfeiffer also appreciates those who actually race at the Isle of Man. He says, ‘Those guys are seriously brave. To do what they do on public roads is something special. I couldn't believe how many slow corners there are on the course, so to achieve average speeds of almost 130mph over a 37-mile lap is amazing.’

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